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We turn clients and employees into fans of your company

We are a company founded to make the world a better place for all the customers – to create a world you would like to live in.
We humanize experiences, even the digital ones. Because every product, every app, every service is - in the end - used by humans.
By designing human experiences we turn clients into fans, making them your most efficient sales force.

Pavel Řehák

CEO Direct

With Clientology, we organize regular customer meetings that help us get new inspiration for further services and products development. These meetings have become an essential part of the Direct`s way of listening to the voice of customer and finding new inspiration for further developement and building not only insurance company, but finally a normal insurance company with unique and client-oriented approach, which will also push the limits of simplicity, reliability and friendliness.


David Formánek

ex CEO Modrá pyramida

What I like the most about Clientology is their ispirational workshops which create strong emotional experience for all the attendees, who than easily understand the importance of the customer experience as a part of the future company growth.


Denisa Dudášková

Senior Director Adidas

Thanks to Clientology we have discovered completely new level of consumer centricity and especially we found the way to get it deeper into our organization and mainly to retail store teams. They help us to bring consumers in the middle of decision in our corporate world - and all with amazing passion and enthusiasm of Clientology team, always having creative ideas in the pocket and real consumer obsession in their minds.


Daniela Pešková

Board member

Clientology brought lot of inspiration that led to the start of Abeceda penez, which is a unique project of experiential financial-literacy learning at Czech primary schools. I could talk about the unusual workshops and inspirational techniques that Clientology uses for a long time, but what we value the most is their attitude and their willingness to try new and unusual approaches with us, as well as their passion about our clients.


Gorjan Lazarov

Chief Executive Officer, Orea Hotels & Resorts

What I enjoy the most when working with Clientology, is their drive and energy which they put into projects. In 2016, customer-centric OREA was just an idea in my head. They’ve helped me to formalize it and get my team on board. I like their ability to empathize with our customers and to bring interesting inspiration – not just recycle content used elsewhere. With them, workshops are fun experiences with meaningful outcomes.


Jesper Lauridsen

CEO Czech Republic, Ahold

Clientology has been and still is a valued partner for Albert. Clientology supports us in an unbiased customer perspective on our business: how to focus on the most critical steps of the customer journey and provide a strong tool box to support solutions that stick.


What we do


Good service don’t happen by accident, they need to be designed and delivered by people passionate about their work. If you want to have fans instead of clients, call us.


Do you need inspiration? Join us during our CX conference or come and have a breakfast with us.


Do you want to actively use and share your journeys across the organization? Than try our Customer Journey Guide, an on-line tool to create and manage your journeys.


Do you want to learn how to effectively manage customer experience? Than try our CX academy..

Our methodology Our methodology

We design ecosystem where your employees can create better services for your clients. Our methodology aims to five categories:

Ikona visionáře

The Visionary

The Visionary Will help you to set up your CX vision. He is here to help you with:

  • Strategy and transformation
  • Value of promoter
  • CX roadmap
  • Word of mouth economy
  • CX maturity assessment
  • CX myths
  • Customer values
Ikona cartografa

The Cartographer

Will help you design great experiences. He is here to help you with :

  • Service design - Customer journey framework
  • Branded experience
  • Moments of advocacy
  • Moments of truth
  • CX design
  • Prototyping & testing
  • Customer journey
  • Workflow & process redesign
  • Signature journey
  • Customer insights
  • Omnichannel design
  • Operationalise value proposition
  • Design sprints
  • Complains
Ikona abasadora

The Ambassador

He can excite the whole team for the right customer experience. It will help you in these areas:

  • Culture & change - Company movement
  • Walk the talk - (Self propel) CX
  • CX academy
  • CX training
  • Customer days
  • Employee engagement
  • CX momentum
  • Customer values
  • CX leadership
Ikona tlumočnice

The Interpreter

Will help you listen - understand - act to customer voice. She is here to help you with:

  • Voice of customer (VoC)
  • NPS
  • Employee NPS (eNPS)
  • Touchpoint NPS (tNPS)
  • Closed loop feedback
  • Customer verbatims
  • Employee feedback
  • Frontline feedback
  • Root cause analysis
  • Unstructured feedback
  • Complains
Ikona pana měrky

Mr. Meter

Will help you to measure your progress. He is here to help you with:

  • Brand NPS - Customer effort score (CES)
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Customer data analytics
  • CX KPI's
  • Customer experience management (CEM)
  • Customer centric processes
  • Customer systems
  • Customer metrics

Our values


  • We bring meaningfullness.

    Both you and your team will get practical and tangible outcomes..

  • Meaningfulness of numbers.

    We make emotions rational. We will count how much you’ll get from a smiley client. We build on a throughout analysis of your current situation.

  • Meaningfulness of events.

    We create an environment where you can effectively manage the client’s experience or innovate it. We recommend only what makes sense for you.


  • Passion for you.

    We believe that the biggest steps forward are made through experience. That’s why we create interactive days full of activities and „a-ha“ moments which will prepare you for the future.

  • Passion for your clients.

    We can help you to set up your company in a way that will make your services a matter of desire, not only a choice.

  • Passion with us.

    We love what we do. And that passion will become contagious for your team as well .


  • Client as an inspiration.

    Client is a source of inspiration for us and therefore he/she is always a member of the project team .

  • World-wide inspiration.

    We bring inspiration and best practise examples from all over the world.

  • Stories as an inspiration.

    We inspire you to tell the stories. Through them, you’ll excite anyone.

Lets' meet

Ikona snídaně

Business breakfast

Looking for a group of people solving CX topics every day, who are happy to share their best practice? Preferably over a cup of coffee and a sandwich? Join us at our business breakfasts, learn how CX topics are solved in different companies, talk about CX victories and f.. ups. Simply enjoy networking with people sharing the same passion for CX you have. See when&where will the next one be held on our facebook page. .

Visit breakfast
Ikona snídaně

Clientology huddle

A group of people is always nice, but whole crowd is even better. That is why we do a CX Conference every year. Two days full of inspiration, meeting new people and learning new things across industries. Come for a proper doze of inspiration and motivation. See our conference page and find out when to join. .

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Ikona mapa

Customer Journey Guide

Your customer interactions & journeys at your fingertips. Making it easy to design & manage the great experience for you clients.

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